Services and Programs



Child Find

Child Find is designed to assist with identifying students with a suspected disability who may require special education programs or services. A person who suspects that their school age child has a disability can contact their child's school or a child younger than school age contact Early On at (269) 660-2732.



Early On

Early On is a requirement under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and is a program for children age birth to 3 years with developmental delays or established conditions. Early On also serves as a source of referrals for Child Find. The Early On office is located at 408 Jameson, Battle Creek, MI 49014 and can be contacted by calling (269) 660-2732.


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Birth to 6 Programs/Services 

Birth to 3 Home Program

Services for children from Birth to 3 and their families are provided for children identified as eligible for special education in a specified category. Services may include home visits by certified early childhood teachers and/or speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teacher consultants, and social workers. 


Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

School programs are available for children aged 3-6 identified as eligible for special education in a specific category. Services may include a variety of classroom programs and/or speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, teacher consultant services, and school social work.  For more information, please contact Nicole Lawrence at (269) 441-1853 or



Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Programs

Classrooms for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) provide a low student to teacher ratio using a variety of instructional strategies such as TEACCH, Picture Exchange System (PECs) and sensory-motor integration.  Curriculum includes a continuum from the Michigan Curriculum Framework to Michigan Model Curriculum for Supported Independence.  Inclusion in general education classes is a part of the educational program when determined appropriate.


Applied Behavior Analysis - Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) Classrooms

Applied Behavior Analysis - Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) classrooms are designed for preschool aged students with ASD.  The goal of the ABA-VB program is to provide state-of-the-art instructional technology to help children quickly acquire the skills they need for future independent learning in environments where specialized teaching and individualized support can be reduced for eliminated.


Our ASD classrooms are located in Bellevue, Mar Lee, Harper Creek and Marshall.  ABA preschool classrooms are located in Albion.  For more information, please contact Jessica Clothier at (269) 964-9426. 




Programs for Students with Cognitive Impairments (CI)

The CISD offers programs for students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments (MoCI) and Severe Cognitive Impairments (SCI).


Moderate Cognitively Impaired (MoCI) Programs

Students receive instruction and are working toward independence in self care skills, social skills, daily living skills, leisure skills, functional academic skills, communication skills and community-based instruction.


Severe Cognitively Impaired (SCI) Programs

Students receive instruction and are working toward independence in self-care skills, social skills, cognitive skills, sensory needs, mobility, pre-vocational skills and communication skills.


Our CI classrooms are located in Bellevue, Battle Creek and at the Doris Klaussen Developmental Center (DKDC).  For more information, please contact Jessica Clothier at (269) 964-9426. 



Programs for Students with Severe Multiple Impairments (SXI)

Students receive instruction and are working toward independence with mobility, self-care skills, social skills and communication.  These programs are located at the Doris Klaussen Developmental Center (DKDC).  For more information, please contact Jessica Clothier at (269) 964-9426. 



Adult Training Program (ATP)

The Adult Training Program (ATP) is a program for students ages 19-25 who have a mild to moderate cognitive impairment who require additional time to gain skills leading to enhanced independence and gainful employment.  Placement of students within the program are based upon employment readiness skills.  Students participate in employability skills training, accessing community resources, expand on daily living skills, functional reading and math, leisure and recreational skills and learn self-advocacy.


These programs are located in the Harper Creek school district. For more information, please contact  Jessica Clothier at (269) 964-9426. 



Day Treatment Program

This is a highly structured environment for students with severe emotional impairments  where they learn behaviors that are necessary to be successful in regular school environments and the community. The Day Treatment Program is typically an option available after students have not been successful in other less restrictive environments in their local district. Its purpose is to provide students with a safe and structured surrounding in which they can experience academic and social success and transition back to their local school district.


This program is located at the Doris Klaussen Developmental Center (DKDC).  For more information, please contact  Jessica Clothier at (269) 964-9426. 


Special Education Ancillary Services:

Adaptive Physical Education

Assistive Technology (AT)  

Nursing Services

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Orientation & Mobility (O & M)

Physical Therapy (PT)

Psychological Services (PSY)

School Social Work Services (SSW)

Speech and Language Therapy (SL)

Teacher Consultant (TC) for Visually Impaired (VI), Hearing Impaired (HI) & Autism (ASD)


Vocational Evaluation/Transition Services

Work Experience & Supportive Employment


Doris Klaussen Developmental Center 

The Calhoun Intermediate School District operates the Doris Klaussen Developmental Center to provide educational services for students with moderate-to-severe impairments.


On-site programs serve those with moderate-level cognitive impairments (MoCI), severe-level cognitive impairments (SCI), multiple impairments (SXI) autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), adult students ages 20 through 25 learn new skills in the Adult Training Program (ATP).


Off-site programs, located in local K-12 schools, assist students with moderate-level cognitive impairments, autistic spectrum disorders and early childhood developmental delays.



Starr Albion Prep

Starr Albion Prep, located in Albion, Michigan, recently joined partners with Sequel Youth and Family Services, a national program for children and families, to become Starr Albion Prep.  The mission of this partnership continues to focus on providing residential treatment services to at-risk youth in a safe and therapeutic setting.


Starr Albion Prep professionals work with youth placed in their care through court, FIA, CMO, and private referral in helping each child overcome the unique life events and challenges with which they struggle.  


The Calhoun Intermediate School DIitrict continues to provide educational services on campus to the over 100 adolescent boys (ages 12-18 years old) through year-round school programming.  The CISD teaching staff, all highly skilled and qualified in their respective subject areas utilize curriculum that meets Michigan Merit standards through opportunities dedicated to increasing the student’s academic, social and emotional growth.  


The CISD is committed to meeting the varied educational needs of our students through special education programming, Title I services, as well as entrance/exit and diagnostic testing that is data-driven and strength based.  The CISD educational staff and Sequel residential staff work together to ensure students exit the program equipped with the necessary skills to be confident young adults.